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On Toilet Seat Covers: The False Sense of Security

toilet seat covers don't work

The Myth Busted

We’ve been told that layering up with toilet seat covers can protect us from the nasties in public restrooms. However, experts have busted this myth wide open, revealing that these paper layers offer no real protection.

The Unseen Reality

The truth is, paper is absorbent. It’s like trying to use a paper umbrella in a rain storm, pretty smart right?  So, while we might think we’re in the clear, we’re actually just sitting pretty on a placebo.

The Smart Swap

Why rely on a false sense of security when you can have the real thing? Washie seats give you peace of mind with a simple swipe, ensuring you’re truly covered.

By providing a fresh and clean seat with each use, Washie seats address the core issues that paper covers simply cannot solve, making them a superior alternative for public restroom hygiene. Washie provides peace of mind!


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