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  • What is Washie?
    It's a smart toilet seat that allows user to wipe their toilet seat with a solution before every use.
  • What is the cleaning solution made of?
    It’s an alcohol-based solution.
  • How many uses are there in a cartridge?
    There are 2,000 uses per bottle or about $0.3 cents per use.
  • What is the Hygiene Key Smart App?
    It's the Smart App that connects to the seats via Bluetooth. It helps monitor if your battery needs to be charged or if your cartridge is low on solution.
  • What kind of battery does the seat have?
    It uses a rechargeable lithium battery. It lasts about 4-5 months depending on usage.
  • How many batteries do I get for every seat?
    Every seat comes with 2 batteries so you have an extra fully charged battery when one runs out.

Robert Poleki
Founder & CEO at Washie

Learn the story about how Rob built Washie -

from his experience of wiping public toilet seats for his kids, to inventing a solution and getting the attention of Shark Tank, and now bringing Washie to over 2M customers.

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