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On Toilet Papers: To Ply Or Not To Ply?

toilet paper

It’s time to end this debacle with 1-ply vs. 2-ply toilet paper. We've all been there, facing the flimsy dilemma of 1-ply paper, so thin it's practically see-through. It's like trying to clean up a spill with a tissue, leaving us wondering, is this even doing anything?

First off, the cons of 1-ply toilet paper are as clear as, well, the paper itself. Ever tried using it only to find your fingers poking through like a game of toilet paper roulette? It's a risky business, my friends, and nobody wants to end up with a messier situation than they started with. Plus, don't even get us started on the unraveling – it's like a never-ending roll call of frustration.

But fear not, because the pros of 2-ply toilet paper are here to save the day! Picture this: you pull into a gas station after a long drive, ready to refuel both your car and your energy levels. You head to the restroom, and what do you find? Soft, luxurious 2-ply toilet paper that feels like a gentle hug from the bathroom gods. If your customers are spending 20 to 50 bucks on fuel, they deserve nothing less than the royal treatment when it comes to their bathroom experience. So, let's give 'em the good stuff and leave the 1-ply woes behind.


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