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Paper seat covers are absorbent! Why are you still using them?

Use Washie.

Clean restrooms make an impression.


Customers love Washie!

Nicole H.

Stinker Stores customer

"I stop at the stinker on Gowen and Federal in Boise Idaho and it is literally my FAVORITE restroom. Always so nice and clean and I love being able to wipe the toilet before and after with a solution. This store and team rock!"

Elevates Experience

Satisfied customers become repeat customers generating more profits.

Super Clean

Real time cleaning so each customer has a great experience.

Smart App

Makes installation and maintenance a breeze.

Washie 2 5061.jpg


Retrofits on all commercial toilets.

Robert Poleki
Founder & CEO at Washie

Learn the story about how Rob built Washie -

from his experience of wiping public toilet seats for his kids, to inventing a solution and getting the attention of Shark Tank, and now bringing Washie to over 2M customers.

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